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Our experts

The b2b Connect team are all senior-level media professionals who have worked for a number of heavyweight brands in the UAE and UK. Each member of the team has between 10 and 25 years of experience, running and managing teams with responsibility for developing the strategy and direction of their departments.  

Meryem Sardogan

Robert Jones

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Meryem is a dynamic Commercial Director with 15 years of successful experience in creating and implementing effective sales strategies for some of the largest business-to-business information providers in Europe and the GCC.

She has led numerous product launches covering the key business sectors core to the Middle East and North Africa. She has successfully built, managed and developed large sales teams to deliver year-on-year sustainable revenues, continually meeting and exceeding challenging targeted revenues.

Experienced in leading teams, developing content and editorial strategies and creating new product ideas, Robert has strong insight and knowledge of the Middle East region. He has more than 25 years' of experience as a journalist and editor in the UAE and the UK.

He has a strong focus on environmental business and writes regularly on renewable energy, challenges in sustainability and green buildings. He also frequently writes about the Middle East's megaprojects markets, analysing the key business trends and opportunities, and produces in-depth research reports on the region's main industries.

Experienced Content Director with over 10 years demonstrated history of delivering revenue growth by leading the launch, development and rebrand of events.


Has been a key stakeholder with P&L responsibility in the world’s largest exhibition companies to smaller boutique event & media agencies leading production, sales & operational efforts.


Skilled in Market Research, Account Management, Project Management, Production, Telesales, Marketing, Conference Operations, Budgeting, P&L.

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