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10 digital technologies disrupting construction

In our second webinar we discussed some of the digital technologies that are reshaping the built environment. The technologies considered included:

- Parametric and computational design

- Mixed reality (augmented and virtual reality)

- 4D construction

- IoT

- Laser scanning

- Drones

- Machine Learning


- Digital Twins

- Data integrity

For each, we looked at the benefits they bring to a business and where possible, discussed real examples of their use.

Our speakers were:

- Craig Garrett, Head of the Digital Advancement Academy, Bentley

- Javier Bonilla, Head of the Technology Observatory for Construction, Acciona Construction

- Paul Mullett, Group Engineering & Technology Director, Robert Bird Group

- Prakash Senghani, Director, Head of Digital Delivery, JLL

- Wissam Hijazi, Director VDC, Middle East, EllisDon

DC Hub is a Ventures Connect brand, itself a joint venture between b2b Connect and Ventures Middle East

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